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3 Month Old Sleep Schedule: Dos and Don'ts

Main points:


  • 3 month old sleep schedule
  • How long should a 3-month-old sleep at night without waking or eating?
  • Is there a 3 month old baby sleep regression? 
  • How long should a 3 month old sleep at night?
  • What time should my 3 month old go to bed?
  • What is the 5 3 3 rule?
  • Help! My 3 month old won’t sleep!


You now have a 3 month old baby! Isn’t it exciting? Your 3 month old might not even feel like a newborn anymore, they might be smiling and feeling all grown up. I bet you’re here because you have lots of sleep questions AND you want a 3 month sleep schedule. I’m not gonna bore you with a long intro, let’s just jump right in!


3 Month Old Sleep Schedule


3 Month Old Sleep Needs:

  • Awake times: 1–2 hours
  • Naps per day: 3-5 naps
  • Total nap time per day: 3-5 hours of all naps combined
  • Bedtime: 7:30-9:30 pm
  • Night sleep: 9-11 hours
  • Night feeds: Talk to your baby’s doctor, but it’s usually 2-3 feeds per night


So what does this look like in a sleep schedule?


3 Month Old Sleep Schedule (on 4 naps)


Here is your 3 month old sleep schedule (including wake up time, naps, and bedtime).


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    How long should a 3-month-old sleep at night without waking or eating?

    There are a lot of factors that matter when it comes to your baby’s sleep stretches at night. Here’s the short version:


    Total night time sleep

    You baby needs to sleep 9-10 hours overnight, this is broken sleep due to night feeds though.


    Sleep stretches

    3 month olds typically only have 2-3 night feeds overnight which would result in 3-5 hour stretches overnight without waking or eating.


    Nutrition comes first

    You always need to consult your baby’s doctor regarding their nutrition needs. If your baby can sleep through the night, that’s great! But they might actually need to be woken up in order to eat. 


    Is there a 3 month old baby sleep regression?

    Yes, your 3 month old might be going through a sleep regression. It typically happens at 4 months old, but it might be happening early for your little one. 


    Sleep regressions happen when your little one is going through huge development. And at 3 months old, there’s a lot going on! Your baby’s sleep patterns are maturing, they’re going through a huge growth spurt - so it’s very common for sleep to take a toll. 


    Symptoms of a sleep regression: 


    • Your baby is resisting naps. 
    • Your baby refuses to sleep at bedtime. 
    • Your baby is unusually fussy and clingy.


    If you see any of these signs in your little one, you should get one of my sleep packages.


    How long should a 3 month old sleep at night?

    Your 3 month old baby should sleep 9-10 hours overnight, but these will be broken for 2-3 night feeds. 


    Is it OK to let my 3 month old sleep through the night?

    You need to talk to your baby’s doctor about this. Usually, 3 month olds should not sleep through the night, but rather have 2-3 night feeds.


    What time should my 3 month old go to bed?

    Bedtime for a 3 month old is between 7:30-9:30 pm. However, once you decide on a bedtime, it’s best to stick to the same bedtime each night. 7:30-9:30 pm is just an age appropriate range. 


    What is the 5 3 3 rule?

    The 5 3 3 rule is a sleep training method where you have your child sleep for 5 hours, then wake for 3 hours, then sleep for 3 hours again. It’s not recommended to use this method, especially not for a 3 month old. 


    Help! My 3 month old won’t sleep!

    It’s really hard when our young babies don’t sleep. We want them to grow & develop as they should!


    Here’s what I recommend in case your 3 month old is resisting sleep:


    • Get a sleep sack for them to be cosy and also prevent the startle reflex from waking them. The Merlin Magic Sleep Suit is a great one!
    • Shorten your awake times. Your baby might be OVERtired, which happens when they have long awake times. Try sticking to 1 hr awake times for a few days and see what happens.
    • Stick to the same wake up time and bedtime every day, even if that means waking your baby up in the morning. I know it sounds crazy, but consistency is key. 
    • Help your baby reach their milestones faster. Whether it’s lifting their head or rolling - the sooner they reach the milestone, they sooner they’ll be back to sleeping great.
    • Spend some time outdoors, especially in between the last nap of the day and bedtime. I know you’re tired, but some sunlight, fresh air and outdoor stimulation can really wear your baby down and give them the good sleep they really need.


    I’m crossing my fingers that your 3 month old will start sleeping amazingly after you implement all these tips!. If you need anything else, reach out to me via email or connect with me on social media. 


    All the best,


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